As a Southern California native who grew up in the industry, Allison Pieter saw firsthand the meaningful impact events can have on people’s lives. She was inspired to work in event production — and strives to provide each client with a unique event experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Today, she’s the founder and president of Cassis Productions, a boutique event production agency. Pieter brings extensive experience and passion to the role.


Pieter has been a part of the event and production industries in a professional capacity for more than two decades. At the start of her career, Pieter was a senior producer for Digital Planet, a multi-platform production company. In a time when digital media was just taking off, Pieter was involved in producing some of the first live virtual events, such as backstage award show interviews and weekly musical performances from iconic talents like P!nk and Melissa Etheridge. Her roster of clients included Microsoft, Universal Studios, WebMD, DreamWorks, Fox Broadcasting, Yahoo! And KIIS-FM/Los Angeles. 


While at Digital Planet, Pieter led the team that produced the first-ever virtual programming for the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Pieter and her team successfully created an interactive experience following the main stage event where the speakers were asked questions from individuals worldwide — a groundbreaking feat in the pre-social-media, pre-broadband era.


From 2004 to 2013, Pieter worked for Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia. She joined Premiere as the director of event planning, where she gained valuable experience producing iHeart’s national meetings and events and handling event marketing. Pieter planned and oversaw events ranging from leadership summits to SKOs, and B2B receptions and award shows with celebrity hosts including Ryan Seacrest, Steve Harvey and Stephen Colbert.  Pieter earned a place as the company’s key advisor to executive management on meeting and event strategy before becoming Premiere’s executive director of marketing and events. 


In this role, she produced all corporate and B2B meetings and events for the company and handled all marketing for syndicated talk radio programs. She was actively involved in every aspect of event management, including ideation, budgeting, venue selection, vendor supervision and production. Additionally, Pieter managed Premiere’s marketing and public relations efforts, overseeing everything from talent photo shoots to ad and billboard designs to press releases and media pitches.


After working with Premiere for eight and a half years, Pieter was ready to approach the event production industry from a new perspective. After working with a former coworker to produce an exciting event for the Radio Hall of Fame, Pieter envisioned her next step: her own event production agency. 


She took the entrepreneurial leap of faith and Cassis Productions was born. The company was founded on Pieter’s belief in the power of in-person connections and experiences to create memories, forge relationships and move businesses forward. Cassis Productions seeks to create impactful, meaningful events that cannot be replicated through traditional marketing techniques.


Cassis Productions orchestrates highly individualized and effective event experiences for every client. Under Pieter’s leadership, Cassis Production has produced hundreds of in-person, hybrid and virtual events and has worked with many notable brands and organizations, including Equinox, Freeform, Hulu, BYUtv, Rebel Girls, TheWrap, Radio Hall of Fame, Kasem Cares, McKesson, Red Bull, UC San Francisco, Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and California Department of Education.


With each new opportunity, Pieter and her team are motivated by the chance to support a business’s growth and the challenge to deliver creative solutions via one-of-a-kind event experiences. To help companies make meaningful connections with their customers and build lasting relationships, Pieter puts decades of finely-honed skills and knowledge and a deep network of industry connections to work. 


Cassis Productions’ track record of success is rooted in the unique experience of its founder. Pieter has expertise in just about every facet of event production. Pieter and her team have tackled event management and production from many different perspectives, allowing her to develop her own comprehensive and distinctive approach to event creation and execution. 


Cassis Productions is committed to producing inspiring and unforgettable events that get results — by bringing each company’s personality, vision and goals to life with an eye towards long-term success.