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What is an event production agency?

An event production agency is a full-service company with the unique ability to transform an event into an experience. Event production agencies like Cassis Productions not only plan engaging, impactful events but also expertly execute them. They have years of experience in turning big ideas into reality with the additional benefit of handling standout elements like performances, keynote speakers, sponsorship activations, and video, audio and lighting features.

How Cassis Productions produces unforgettable events

When you make Cassis Productions a part of your event production team, you will benefit from services including:

Why you can rest easy with Cassis Productions as your event production agency

An experienced event production agency can be the difference between an event that’s forgotten a week later and a brand experience your customers are talking about for months to come. When you choose Cassis Productions, you can look forward to:

Extensive experience

Cassis Productions has more than 20 years of experience in the event production industry. Cassis Productions has produced a wide range of events, including in-person, hybrid and virtual events. The team is skilled at adapting production elements to the needs, format and scale of your event.

A vast network of connections

Cassis Productions is a specialized boutique agency that has developed a vast network of connections over the years. This includes trusted, desirable vendors and event partners. With Cassis Productions on your team, you can host a high-quality event without having to worry about the big agency fees.

Can jump into any event

At Cassis Productions, the event production team is ready to jump right in to any event. No training is required. Cassis Productions offers comprehensive services that cover the entire event production process, from planning to connecting with all of the people required to make it happen to the actual execution. The team can adapt these services to any event, no matter the scale, theme or format.

Examples of Past Events

Example 1: Radio Hall of Fame

  • Cassis Productions arranged to move the event location from Chicago to New York City, securing the new venue. With this change, there was a 56% increase in event attendance and up to a 60% increase in the organization’s revenue.
  • The agency managed logistics coordination and vendor relations, including handling production elements like AV, graphics and video.
  • Cassis Productions also created and executed the major production feature of the event – the awards show, including run of show, and graphic and video elements.
  • Talent inducted during the agency’s tenure include: Ryan Seacrest, Steve Harvey, Bobby Bones, Dr. Ruth, Elvis Duran, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dave Ramsey, Big Boy, Ira Glass, Jim Rome, Delilah and Marion Ross.

Example 2: CA STEAM Symposium

  • Cassis Productions oversaw the event strategy to plan and execute the vision for the event and supervised the meeting planning team for the event.
  • The agency produced the general session stage, including stage design and keynotes.
  • Cassis Productions managed key experiential partner and sponsorship activations and developed partner and sponsor relationships.
  • Revenue to the organization increased by 2.5 times during the agency’s tenure in a peak year.

Example 3: UC San Francisco’s Bay Area Science Festival

  • Cassis Productions helped ideate and execute the transformation of this festival from an in-person community event at a baseball stadium to a successful virtual event.
  • The agency created a custom platform to host the event and trained moderators and speakers to deliver on the production elements.
  • The event consisted of 5 days of virtual programming with a total of 137 events running on 8 simultaneous tracks. It received 10,000 live views and over 30,000 on-demand views.
  • Cassis Productions succeeded in expanding the footprint and reach of the event, with participation from 35 U.S. states.

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Event Production Agency – Common FAQs

Event production covers all the efforts involved in taking a plan for an event and making it a reality. Additionally, event production is a way to elevate an event into a memorable experience by organizing unique production elements like live performances, sponsorship activations or keynote speakers.

In some cases, event planning can refer to all of the work that happens prior to the actual date of the event. Event planners decide a theme, connect with vendors and produce a timeline for the event. Event production can mean the process of executing that plan for the event, and often includes the management of live production features. A comprehensive event production agency like Cassis Productions can handle the entire event process, from planning to execution.

An unforgettable brand experience takes a lot to pull off. The best way to make it happen is to hire an event production agency that has the experience, staff and connections to seamlessly produce an event your guests will remember for years to come. You’ll get the benefit of hosting an original experience that you can actually enjoy because all of the details will be handled by the experts – like the team at Cassis Productions.

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