Reyne Hirsch of Medium’s Authority Magazine asked Allison what do you do when your event is cancelled in the midst of a global pandemic?

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Allison Pieter, an Independent Event Producer suggests creating a video to share offering fun, creative ways your team is staying healthy, that somehow includes your product/service. “Use this option to solicit a smile, remind people at the end to stay safe and you’ll see them at the next event… Pieter recommends taking it a step further, budget permitting and create a CoronaVirus Relief Kit to send to key attendees and partners. Include some branded hand sanitizer (a promotions company can help with access), chocolate, snacks, beverages, a random item or two to solicit a smile, and the product you would have given away at the event. Include a note conveying you’re looking to provide a moment of relief since you couldn’t meet in person and hope everyone is staying healthy and you’ll see them next time.”